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Over 30 years ago Lyndon’s founders decided to take a major step creating a lasting and tangible difference between it and the rest of the scaffolding industry.

Lyndon made the decision to purchase 3.2mm high yield scaffolding tube.

The benefits of this investment have been:

  • A yield strength of 355N/mm2 as opposed to traditional 4mm tube which has 235N/mm2
  • 25% lighter tube – the traditional 21’ scaffold tube weighs 28kg whereas a Lyndon tube is 21kg – this significantly enhances safety as scaffolders get less tired and are less likely to make mistakes
  • Lighter scaffolds, which impose less load on structures. Stronger tube means that Lyndon can design slimmer structures

Lyndon SGB independently tests every batch of tube that it purchases to ensure that it meets the quality criteria it sets.